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Stephanie Gillenkirk
Stephanie Gillenkirk

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Stephanie Gillenkirk

My name is Stephanie Gillenkirk and my passion is helping small business owners achieve their dreams while following mine! We all thrive! 

I have an eye for detail, am organized, and enjoy sorting out the chaos of your receipts. I live and breathe numbers. I enjoy bargain hunting, dabbling in all kinds of crafting, and tend to think outside of the box – so creative solutions come naturally and affordable, but with quality! I enjoy planning projects and researching costs. Presentation is key.

I was born and raised in Monroe, Michigan with my 2 siblings. I graduated from Monroe High School in 2002 and Monroe County Community College in 2007, where I earned my Associate of Science in Accounting.

 I spent my professional years so far in the gaming world, as well as side hustles such as Uber, Lyft, Amazon Flex, and Doordash.  Recently, I was looking for opportunities to work from home part time when I stumbled upon bookkeeping. 

The economy in Michigan wasn’t that great at the time of graduation. Employers were looking for tons of experience for little pay, a common pitfall. The allure of the gaming industry happened and I started dealing at Wheeling Island Casino in Wheeling, WV in January 2008 before moving to Pittsburgh, PA in 2010.  

I really enjoyed my job and always went the extra mile for customer service. Working in customer service, at many different levels while in a tough industry during a pandemic, gave me a unique perspective on business needs and I was able to stay true to my kind and genuine nature.  In addition, I have conducted interviews, hired and onboarded new staff, and completed various training sessions that were beneficial to businesses. I will gladly be of assistance for your talent development needs.

By literally getting your head out of the books, your focus can be on the everyday aspects of your business. You will have peace of mind by having an honest and trusted source as your business advisors.

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