Do more of what makes you happy.

We focus on the books and workplace.

You focus on growth.

We are always excited to introduce innovative bookkeeping and business development solutions that will help self-care service-based enterprises reach their goals and pursue their passions. There are tools for each phase of your company’s development. We particularly like working with startups and small businesses with less than 20 employees.

Some qualities about our staff:

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Services We Provide


monthly package tailored to your business needs and goals:

HR & Staff Development

Assistance with refining your company policies and procedures. You may already have a “system” in place for your employees but do you want it taken to the next level?

Payroll and Benefits

Take Payroll and Benefits off your plate. They are handled efficiently through your provider or Gusto. No need to worry about filing the proper paperwork.

Coaching calls

60 minutes 1:1 coaching over Zoom

Something About Us

We assist your organization in aligning with your goals and values; taking care of both your staff and customers; and improving cash flow.

We leverage knowledge, life experiences, and an expertise in customer-service-oriented sectors.


Our bookkeeping & HR services are for you if your answer to any of the following questions is yes:

  1. Are you stressed out with your books?
  2. Losing precious time with your friends and family?
  3. Want to Increase your Cash Flow without sacrificing your values?
  4. Want to create a team environment but no time to set policies in place?
  5. Are employee benefits something you wanted to offer but are afraid that they might be too costly for your business? Or lost in all the options from the Marketplace?
  6. Can’t afford to create a workspace and onboard an in-house team of HR and bookkeepers for your business?