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Collaboration for a Business Confidence Masterclass 

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with life coach Jackie Capatolla to create her new online course, the Radiate Confidence Masterclass. This 90-minute virtual workshop guides participants through Jackie’s proven 3-step method for rediscovering your inner glow.

My role in bringing this masterclass to life covered several key areas:

  • Website Development

I created a tailored webpage for the masterclass under Jackie’s existing WordPress site. This included setting up seamless integration with PayPal for registration payments and the creation of the Header Image.

  • Email Sequences

To promote the masterclass, I wrote a 3-part email sequence that resonated with Jackie’s brand voice. These emails generated excitement and drove registrations.

  • Advertising

To get the word out we leveraged the following in her FB Group and listed it on Eventbrite. These spotlighted the masterclass and highlighted participant benefits.

  • Technology Management

On the day of the live workshop, I provided technical assistance to ensure everything ran smoothly on Zoom. I also recorded the session for transcription. These are currently in development on an exciting course she’s creating!

  • System Migration

The third-party system Jackie used for mail was outdated and didn’t support the amount of her current followers. She only uses E-Mail blasts for events such as this. It made no sense for her to pay for lack of features when I knew of a free system which will have great support in her WordPress Website. It was easy to do so with an export of her current list. 

It was an honor to support Jackie in bringing her vision to life with this masterclass. By handling the technical and promotional aspects, she could focus on delivering an incredible experience. The sold-out workshop will be soon available on-demand, continuing to empower women worldwide.

Watch this space and hers soon for more opportunities as we continue to collaborate. Some talks include a holiday launch party and a Women’s Luxury Elevate Retreat in 2024!! 

  • Wild Apricot Software Management: Love learning new databases
  • Social Media Management:
    • Automation of staff created member highlights and members have full posting access.
    • The next step is getting members to engage! 
    • Posts are collected into a Wild Apricot webpage, and Chat GPT generates the email draft copy to send to members to promote.
  • Helped increased membership numbers.
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