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Stephanie Gillenkirk

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Stephanie Gillenkirk

Stephanie Gillenkirk is a dedicated accounting professional with a passion for helping small businesses in the Pittsburgh area thrive. After earning her Associate’s in Accounting from Monroe County Community College in 2007, Stephanie embarked on a career in the casino industry. She dealt table games and then was in management during her 13-year career. Aside from her full-time job working nights, she would operate side hustles like Uber, Door Dash, Amazon Deliveries, and even MLM companies. She always had some combination of all of the above at any given time.

This diverse professional experience gives Stephanie valuable insights into various company procedures regarding employees and processes. With 15 years of customer service in a very tough industry, she understands there is never enough time or people for all the things that need to be done in business. It inspired her to launch Pittroe Business Services, offering personalized bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, and advisory services for women-owned and startup companies in Pittsburgh.

At Pittroe, Stephanie combines her expert financial skills with creative problem-solving to provide clients with tailored solutions. She understands the challenges women business owners face in balancing work and family. Her flexible, affordable services help clients gain financial clarity so they can focus on growth.


Born and raised in Monroe, Michigan, numbers have always been Stephanie’s passion.  She finds joy in organizing and unveiling insights from chaotic paperwork. Stephanie lives by the motto “do more of what makes you happy” and wants to empower entrepreneurs to do the same through exceptional service.

When she’s not crunching numbers, you can find Stephanie spending time with friends and family, including her cat Pepper, who is also the office assistant. She enjoys staying active, planning her next adventure, and always learning. 

Stephanie looks forward to leveraging her unique experience and expertise to help your business succeed. Contact Pittroe Business Services today to learn more about our services for women-owned, service-based, and startup businesses in the Pittsburgh metro area.

Pepper, Age 8

In future offerings, I’d like to include tax advisory services and become an Enrolled Agent through the IRS on the path to obtain my CPA License in order to better serve my current and future clients. The path begins with a highly regarded study course  and fees in order to sit for the EA Exams which the process is similar to other professional exams.

With that said, I have a current and growing workload in which an accounting assistant is needed. I haven’t factored the extra assistant into my budget and also allow time to study. 

There are a couple of tech processes and equipment that need updated. Any remaining funds would go to advertising in online ads as a new source of advertising to continue to grow the business.

I created this FreeFunder Donation to help raise funds for the above to propel Pittroe Business Services for the future. Humble and grateful for any and all donations!  Thank you!!






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Pittroe Business Services BBB Business Review

PJ’s & Paychecks: Comfort, Humor, and working from home in style.

Coming Summer 2024: A collection of items I created for those working from home. Some with humor, some with serious intent.

Work smarter, not harder, and be comfortable while achieving your goals.

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