Pittroe Business Services Bookkeeping Retainer

This retainer reserves bookkeeping services from Pittroe Business Services, based in Pittsburgh, PA.

  • $X retainer payment due today
  • Covers 90-minute discovery call and retainer of services if engaged

Discovery Call

  • Will be booked via Zoom upon checkout completion.
  • Assess full-service needs and scope.


  • Full services contract sent within 3 days via Pandadoc
  • Outlines deliverables, rates, terms
  • Supersedes this retainer if signed.
  • Client can decline services after call with notice by email within 30 days.


  • Retainer amount returned less $250 for non-refundable discovery call if call has occurred.

Governing Law

  • Pennsylvania

Business Development Block Purchase Terms

 This agreement reserves creative and administrative services from Pittroe Business Services, including:

  • Graphic design
  • Social media management
  • General admin and management tasks

Service blocks are purchased upfront in 5, 10, or 25 hour increments, one-time or recurring.

Discovery Call

  • Scheduled upon purchase to review needs
  • Services & deliverables are scoped


  • A SOW agreement will follow outlining project details
  • Supersedes this terms page if signed

Work Completion

  • Services tracked via Clockify and delivered as completed
  • For one-time blocks, if project appears to require more time, updated SOW will be sent by email
  • 3 months to use purchased hours for one-time purchase blocks
  • Monthly retainers, keep in touch with our monthly planning email sequence to get stay on top of tasks and SOW. We also want to ensure you’re getting the best package for your needs. 


  • Notify by email to cancel unfulfilled services
  • No refunds on unused hours after 3 months

Governing Law

  • Pennsylvania
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